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Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness

Course Description:

Behind the global pandemic “COVID” lies a mental health “silent pandemic”. A positive mental wellness strategy is now an essential part of running a successful and profitable business. This mental wellness course will highlight how to obtain good mental health to help the attendees cope better with uncertainty and change during these exceptional times.

Course Overview:

The mental wellness course will help you manage your mental well-being, prevent sickness, increase energy, and support your mood. This course empowers individuals to take care of their mental health during these exceptional times. The course will provide a toolkit for attendees on how positive changes to diet, lifestyle, sleep, and environment can support mental health and well-being.

Learning Outcome:

  • Basic scientific background in mental health
  • How to improve mood
  • The importance of time out
  • Minding the mind
  • The link between gut health and mental health
  • How to identify triggers which impact your mental well-being
  • Mindfulness and meditation to support you and your mind.
  • Tips and techniques to support mental wellness.
  • Embracing the art of boredom and empowering you
  • Building a happy, positive mindset

Course Duration:

1 day

Upcoming Schedules:

June 20th
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Sarah Thomas
Training was well prepared and well presented. The course added value to my day to day. Thank you Samson Training and Kean specifically. I enjoyed your "funny but not funny" jokes :)
Bonnie Reidy
Excellent cCourse and well presented
Bonnie O'Connor
Even through a pandemic , samsung training met all our needs and requirements to get us over the finish line and qualify to first aid responders. A very interesting course that covered everything. would highly recommend
Elzbieta Filipowicz
I would like to say I found the course very interesting and really enjoyable. I want to commend Cheryl on how she presented the course. She went into great detail and I left the course very happy and I learned a lot.
Ciara Kenny
Excellent course and great communication throughout from team.
Conor McElvaney
Even through the Pandemic Chris and the team succeeded in delivering our manual handling instructors course - delighted !
Sarah Cummins
Positive: Quality
British Health
Modern, thorough and very well organised approach to training and certification. 5 Star service - thanks to Chris and his team
David Powell
Outstanding Training Company