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Course Background:

This course provides you with knowledge of TACCP including how it works with HACCP and VACCP as a food safety management system.

Course Content:

· Food safety management systems

· What are VACCP and TACCP

· Why are TACCP and VACCP Important

· How TACCP and VACCP work with HACCP

· Food safety legislation

· Enforcing the law

· PAS 96:2017

· Who needs to comply

· Training requirement

· What determines the success of a deliberate attack

· Types of attackers

· Economically motivated adulteration

· Opportunist, Extortionist, Extremist, Disgruntled individual, Professional criminal, Cybercriminal, Irrational individual

· Understanding a TACCP risk assessment

· Why is threat detection important to a business

· The TACCP Process

· Assessment of risk within an organization.

· Site security and food defense

· An overview of a food supply chain

· Identifying the vulnerable stages in the supply food chain

· Incident management procedure

· Recap and Participants Assessments

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand what is meant by a threat and a vulnerability.

• The law surrounding TACCP and VACCP and who needs to comply with the law

• Understand the different types of food fraud and attackers, and what determines the success of a deliberate attack.

• The vulnerable steps in the supply food chain and how to reduce the risk of a threat occurring

• Be able to identify threats and vulnerabilities from raw materials, on-site threats, and distribution threats.

This Course is Designed For:

This course is designed for anyone supervising food manufacturing, mass catering, or supply chain distribution.

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Sarah Thomas
Training was well prepared and well presented. The course added value to my day to day. Thank you Samson Training and Kean specifically. I enjoyed your "funny but not funny" jokes :)
Bonnie Reidy
Excellent cCourse and well presented
Bonnie O'Connor
Even through a pandemic , samsung training met all our needs and requirements to get us over the finish line and qualify to first aid responders. A very interesting course that covered everything. would highly recommend
Elzbieta Filipowicz
I would like to say I found the course very interesting and really enjoyable. I want to commend Cheryl on how she presented the course. She went into great detail and I left the course very happy and I learned a lot.
Ciara Kenny
Excellent course and great communication throughout from team.
Conor McElvaney
Even through the Pandemic Chris and the team succeeded in delivering our manual handling instructors course - delighted !
Sarah Cummins
Positive: Quality
British Health
Modern, thorough and very well organised approach to training and certification. 5 Star service - thanks to Chris and his team
David Powell
Outstanding Training Company